Practicum In Ag Mechanics (2 hr Block)

    To be prepared for careers in mechanized agricultural systems, students need to attain academic skills and knowledge, to acquire knowledge and skills related to mechanized agricultural systems and the workplace, and to develop knowledge and skills regarding career opportunities, entry requirements, and industry expectations. To prepare for success, students need to have opportunities to learn, reinforce, apply, and transfer their knowledge and skills and technologies in a variety of settings.
    Practicum in Ag Mechanics is also referred to as the "Block" or the "Pre-Lab". This class meets everyday for 2 class periods back to back. This year the class will be during 2nd and 3rd periods. Students will stay in the class for the duration and not leave the ag building once class has begun. This class is "hands on" with the majority of our time being spent working in the shop or in other parts of the building. It will require a strong work ethic and cooperative attitude to succeed in this class.



    Ag Practicum Lesson Plans