Transcript Release
    Transcripts may be released upon written request from:
    • A parent/guardian, provided the student is younger than 18
    • The student, provided he/she is 18 years of age or older


    Official transcripts may be released only to institutions such as schools or places of business. 

    Required Information

    • Full Name (include Maiden Name for women)
    • Date of birth
    • Year of graduation (if non-graduate, provide last grade and year attended)
    • College where the transcript needs to be sent
    • Copy of valid state issued ID
    • Contact number
    • Signature of student
    • Appropriate fee


     An official copy will be sent only to a college or place of employment.

    If a copy is needed for an ID, or just for personal use, an unofficial copy will be sent.

    The fee for each transcript is $2.00 and must be received before request will be processed.




    Fees are waived for requests from public institutions such as secondary schools, correctional institutions, etc.


    Transcript Request Processing Time

    Most transcript requests will be processed in two days or less.
    The person requesting will be notified if a transcript request will take longer than two days to process.