Joshua Beginning Band Members and Parents

    Welcome to the world of music. Sixth Grade Band is the beginning of the journey that may well continue throughout high school and college. More importantly, it will promote a lifelong love of music and the arts.

    Studies now show that music at an early age stimulates brain waves and affects how the brain develops. Music is a very positive way to channel a child's energy. It also promotes teamwork, discipline, a desire for academic excellence, and social interaction. These things are all great – but that's not why kids want to join band.

    They want to play an instrument because it's fun !!

    You will have many questions about your band experience, both now and later. We will provide you with frequent email newsletters (The Bugle Call) to answer many of those questions and keep you informed.

    Please look at our website for the latest information. LET'S HAVE A GREAT YEAR !!


                                              Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Where do I put my instrument in the band room? Can I just leave it on the floor or in a chair?
     A. You will bwe assigned a specific place to put your instrument-for most of you those are "cubby holes". They belong in your assigned place or at home....no where else.
    Q. What if I forget my instrument, music book, or supplies - Do I still go to band?
    A. YES !!   You must go to band every day regardless.
    Q. What if I decide I don't want to do band anymore. Can I just quit?
     A. No. Band is a full year subject.  You may be released from band at the end of the first 6 weeks with a parent note and director approval. Students are expected to fulfill their commitment for the full year once the first 6 weeks grading period is over.
    Q, How much practice time is required?
     A. Every student must practice at least 20 minutes per day, 5 days per week. PERFECT PRACTICE is only 100 minutes per week. We are developing muscles so practice should be regular and often. Practice cards must be signed by the parent and are graded on Mondays. Practice is a significant portion of the 6 weeks grade, as well as a requirement to participate in some of our field trips and contests.
    Q. Is practice really necessary?
     A. Absolutely ! Show me a student who practices daily and I will show you someone who is successful. Show me a student that rarely practices and I will show you a child who will get frustrated and quit.

    Q. When are the concerts?
    A. Our first concert is our holiday concert in December with all five elementary bands together at Acker Auditorium. We will also have a Spring concert in May at our own school.

    Q. Do I have to attend the concerts?
    A. Yes. Concerts are required. Band is a performing organization and therefore concerts are our goals- our form of evaluation. An unexcused absence from a concert may lower your 6 weeks grade by as much as 10 points.

    Q. Will we take any trips?
    A. Yes ! We will attend a variety of field trips and concerts this year including at least one concert at Bass Hall. We also attend band contest at SANDY LAKE AMUSEMENT PARK. None of these trips are required; however, we are certain that every student will want to participate.  Just being enrolled in band does not qualify you to participate in trips away from school. Most activities require passing grades and a minimum band expectation such as practice sheets or pass-offs.

    Q. Is there an Activity Fee to be in band ?
    A. YES. There is an activity fee of $25 which covers the cost of the book and t-shirt (1st semester) and the 3-ring binder and pages (2nd semester).  Band requires alot of hard work to be successful. Various activities and rewards make the band experience alot more fun. Unfortunately, that requires that we do fundraising. Our fundraiser provides extra funds for all band activities including field trips to Bass Hall, Sandy Lake, and Solo and Ensemble contest. There will be one fundraiser during the 2nd semester.



    Private lessons are available on almost every instrument. Lessons will begin in November and are taught by high school band students for $5 per lesson.

    Q. Why should I take private lessons?

    A. Private lessons help students to excel on their instrument. Private teachers help students overcome difficulties and challenge students to master new skills. Private lessons almost always insure large successes in your band career.



    Grades are based on practice, class participation, attending performances, and written and playing evaluations. In Beginning Band the emphasis is NOT based on how well you do….but more simply based on THAT you do. That you practice, that you participate in class, and that you attend performances. We are interested in creating good practice habits, accurate tone production and embouchure, and an understanding of musical symbols, terminology, and rhythm. We are dedicated to creating successful musicians at every level of achievement.



    In Beginning Band we use a program of rewards that works well positively promoting behaviors and habits that we want to reinforce. Each campus may be slightly different in what name is given to the reward system - but the concept is the same. Students will receive 1 point for every week of perfect practice (100 or above), PLUS 1 point for other reward-worthy behaviors. When a student receives 5 points they have created a STAR and receive a "Band Buck" that can be exchanged for a treat in the cafeteria or other reward. Students will continue to accumulate STARS throughout the year. For each band event there will be a minimum requirement of STARS/and or practice grades in order to participate, SO, practicing regularly and being actively involved in class will insure participation in the fun events we have planned for this year.


    Parents, be on the lookout for information posted regularly on this website and sent home (primarily through email) in the band newsletter called The Bugle Call. This website and newsletter will keep you informed of upcoming events, and will also be full of photos and stories about our young musicians and their successes.

    Q. What is the best way to contact a director?

    All directors travel to different campuses several times a day. Email is the best way to contact each director.

    (CGE) Jennifer Bensmen - bensmenj@joshuaisd.org

    (EES) Lonnie Foster – fosterl@joshuaisd.org

    (EES,  PCE, SES) Daniel Richardson – richardsond@joshuaisd.org

    (CGE, PCE, SES) Nancy Scoggin- scogginn@joshuaisd.org

    (NJE) Steve Smoot – smoots@joshuaisd.org

    (NJE) Jennifer Willison – willisonj@joshuaisd.org



    We will need parents to help with many band activities and events. Parents who support the Beginning Band are needed to help at rehearsals and concerts at each campus; they will be needed to act as chaperones for our field trips and for Sandy Lake. “Band-Aides” may be needed to bring snacks for a special event, help with fund raising, or even help out the directors with bulletin boards, copying music or other such class related activities. In order to work with and around the students in JISD any parent must have a background check completed.

    Q. Where do I get a history background check form?

    A. Parents can pick up a Background Check Form ONLY at the front office of each school.

    Q. Does this cost anything?

    A. Yes, the cost is $1

    Q. If I fill out the background check for band, does that make me eligible to chaperone and/or volunteer on other campuses?

    A. Yes- at any school in the district for the period of ONE YEAR.



    For ALL Students
    Activity Fee - $25.00  (Pays for Band Book, T-shirt, 3-Ring Binder and pages)
                   Music Stand - $12.00  (optional)

                  Small Metronome- $22.00  (optional)

                  Metronome plus Tuner- $40.00  (optional)
    Clarinet Reeds-  Box of 10 = $20
              $2.25 for single reeds
    Saxophone Reeds- Box of 10 = $30
              $3.50 for single reeds

    Clarinet Hankerchief Swab- $5.00

    Clarinet/Saxophone Cork Grease - $3.00

    Oboe Reed- $11

    Bassoon Reed- $15

               Flute Pad Saver - $12  (optional)               
               Clarinet Pad Saver - $12 
               Saxophone Pad Saver - $18 (optional)      
     For  BRASS
      Trpt/Horn/Bar/Tuba Valve Oil- $4.00

      Trombone Super Slick - $2.50

      Brass Snake - $5.00

    Just about anything else is available… just let your director know in advance if you want to order something that is not usually kept in stock.  Music & Arts comes to our schools on Thursdays….order by Wednesday and most items can usually be brought in the next day.


    Money taken by the band for ANY supplies, materials, or rent must be paid by check or with EXACT CHANGE and put in an envelope (we will supply the envelopes) and marked with:


             How much $ is in the envelope

             What you are paying for

    Anyone not paying with the exact amount may have to wait up to a week for the change.

    The Recapitulation

             Band is for everyone.

             Consistent practice is the key to success.

             Band is about participation.

             The Band will take lots of field trips, so therefore fundraising is necessary to be as active as we want to be.

             Joshua Beginning Band Members are STARS

                 Super Talented And Responsible Students