•                           The Instruments in the Band !
    • The Trumpet and Cornet are different instruments but their differences are very small so they are both widely used in beginning band. These instruments are the highest sounding and smallest members of the brass family. The trumpet is held with the left hand and has 3 valves that are played with the right hand.
    • The French Horn is a brass instrument somewhat larger than a trumpet so it is pitched lower. It´s a beautiful sounding instrument that has a wide range. The French horn also has 3 valves but this brass instrument is fingered with the left hand.
    French Horn 
    • The Trombone, unlike the French horn and trumpet, is considered  low brass and reads from the bass clef, which is different from the treble clef that is read by the higher instruments. The trombone is a brass instrument with a unique feature. Rather than valves or keys that are pushed with the fingertips, the trombone uses a slide to change pitches.
    Trombone player 
    • The Baritone or Euphonium is a low brass instrument that has 3 or 4 valves like the trumpet, but has a sound similar to the trombone. A baritone is about half the size of the tuba.
    • The  Tuba is the largest and lowest instrument of the brass family. A tuba requires alot of air and the ability to hold the instrument up!  The tuba plays in bass clef like the baritone and the trombone but its notes are an octave lower.
    • The Flute is a member of the woodwind family even though it´s made of metal. It´s the smallest instrument in the band with the highest pitch. It does not require a reed - to play the flute you blow across the tone hole.
    Flute player 
    • While many beginner Clarinets are made of plastic, professional clarinets are made of wood. The clarinet is slightly larger than a flute and has five parts that are put together.  It is a treble clef instrument that uses a reed.  The clarinet is similar in many ways to the saxophone so it is an excellent beginning instrument.
    • The largest member of the woodwind family is the Saxophone.  Saxophones, which are made of metal, come in four sizes. The appropriate size for beginners is called the "alto" saxophone. The saxophone also uses a single reed.
    saxophone player 
    • The  Bells are a percussion instrument. Sound is created by striking pieces of metal with a plastic or wood mallet. The notes are configured like a piano keyboard.
    • The Snare Drum  is the smallest drum in the percussion section. This is the most popular drum and is used in nearly all styles of music. For beginners, practice pads are often used to dampen the sound. Students playing percussion will learn both the bells and the snare and will purchase a Percussion Kit.  In middle school and high school, percussion players may learn to play the drum set.
    drum set