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                                                       JOIN THE BAND !!
        EveryJoin the Bandthing  You Need to Know About The Joshua Elementary Band Program

                     trumpet   Caddo Grove Elementary

                     trumpet   Elder Elementary

                     trumpet  North Joshua Elementary

                     trumpet   Plum Creek Elementary

                      trumpet   Staples Elementary

                         The Joshua Beginning Band TEAM of directors are:
    Shannon Dow  Lonnie Foster  Trenton Fox  Dan Richardson  Teri Sanchez  Steve Smoot    
     Although many view band as simply an instrumental music class, it is much more than that.  It is the development of a family of friends that lasts a lifetime.             
     It is also the establishment of some rather profound environmental influences which will determine much of your child's success in all aspects of education, not just music.  We know that band students represent the top of the academic scale in our schools. We know they average higher scores on SAT tests, which indicates they are stronger in verbal and math scores than other members of the student body.  We also know that most band students enjoy a successful academic high school career, go on to college, and become the leaders in our society. 
     There is a definite link between the top academic achiever and the band student. They are one and the same. One of the most positive impressions you can offer your child is the chance to learn self-discipline at the highest level through participation in band. Their social skills,
    communication skills, self-concepts, cooperative talents and creative mind will all be nurtured through their study of music. These life-skills will serve as an important foundation as they take on various responsibilities in their future.
    Band is an investment in your child's future.