• Staples Instructional Technology
    "If we are not teaching students to use technology, we are not preparing them for the world they are growing up in." As such we offer many opportunities for our teachers to demonstrate technology and our students use technology to enhance their learning.
    In addition to typical computer classes, we utilize Classroom Performance System (practice and assessment electronic quiz show system), the COW (our wireless Computer On Wheels lab of laptop computers), Interactive Smart Boards (a touch enabled display which is designed to give students access to digital materials in the classroom), HeadSprout (early literacy program), United Streaming and Power Media (downloadable educational video productions), two-way distance learning activities, video projection systems, a document camera, digital cameras, and video tape recorders. Not only do students have the opportunity to use technology, our teachers model the use of technology to our students every day. Each teacher has his or her own website, email, and voice mail. These things enable you to stay in touch, but also show students how important technology is in today's world.
    The Interactive Smart Board transforms learning by helping teachers bring more collaboration and interactivity into the classroom. 2nd Grade students are shown using the Smart Board making the lesson a more engaging experience.
    smart board      smart board      smart board