Staples Elementary Special Education

    While enrolling, a little boy asked his father, "Dad, am I gonna be in special ed or regular ed?" Dad answered that he would be in special ed. I interrupted and told him he was going to be in Staples Elementary School. Miss Livesay continued, "That's right. Here at Staples we don't care about things like that. You are just one of ours."

    I am thrilled to be a part of a school like that. Every teacher and every staff member works to make sure that every student gets what he or she needs. We do not let the labels drive the children, but seek to meet the needs of each and every boy and girl.

    An integral part of meeting the needs of all of our students is offering a full continuum or placements so that each child can have his or her needs met in the least restrictive environment appropriate to that student. We offer Life Skills, Resource, Inclusion, and Mainstreaming with many students receiving a combination of these placements. Even students who are "self-contained" for academics receive all-important time with their regular-education classmates through PE, Music, lunch and other shared times.

    Our special education staff includes: (Click on each underlined one to take you to that teacher's web page.)


    Miss Valles,  Special Education Teacher

    Mrs. Sabolchick, Special Education Teacher
    Tammy Dodson, Life Skills Teacher


    Rhonda Manuel, Special Education Paraprofessional
    Angie Palmer, Special Education Paraprofessional
    Belle Kruzan, Life Skills Paraprofessional
    Angie Palmer, Special Education Paraprofessional
     In addition, students receive occupational therapy, physical therapy, vision services, auditory services, special transportation and other related services as needed and appropriate for them as determined by the Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) Committee.