• Medicine at School


    Medication Administration Procedures: 


    The school nurse or other trained non-healthcare personnel may administer medication when such treatment is necessary for school attendance and cannot be accomplished at home. If necessary for medication to be given at school the following conditions must be met:


    Prescribed medication:  The first dose must be given at home in case of an unexpected allergic reaction.  Medication must be brought in by parent in the original container, properly labed by the pharmacy. Parents must supply any special equipment needed to administer the medication.  Medication will not be given without specific written request signed by the parent/guardian and physician.  Medication must be kept in the nurses office, with the exception of inhalers and epinephrine that a physician may deem necessary for the student to carry with them. In this case, an asthma action plan and or a severe allergy action plan must be completed and signed by a physician. All rules regarding medication given at school still apply. If the student is caught misusing the medication, the privilege will be revoked. A second inhaler/epinephrine pen should be kept in the nurses office.


    Over-the-counter medications:  Same rules apply as with prescription medication except that they can be given with a parent signature only. Physician signatures are not required. The medication must be FDA approved.


    End of the school year:  All medication must be picked up from the nurses office by the last day of school. Any medication left at the school will be disposed of.


    If your student requires medication to be administered at school, the following form is required:


    Medication Form