bond steering committee and owl star
  • The Joshua ISD Bond Steering Committee is a community-driven team of 52 members. Each member was selected by either a Board of Trustee member or administrator. Membership encompasses a broad cross-section of the community, including parents, staff members, business owners, and community members. 

    BSC Purpose

    The purpose of the Bond Steering Committee is to represent the JISD community in studying data related to student enrollment, district finances, and facility needs, and in recommending to the Board of Trustees a bond program to address district-wide facility needs due to growing student enrollment.

    Objectives & Responsibilities

    The committee must:

    • represent the entire community in the bond planning process
    • review and prioritize the facility needs of JISD
    • bring forward a plan to the Board of Trustees that will include recommendations

    Committee members include:

    Co-Chairs Julie Pool & Huntter Byrd

    Adam Amador

    Jacob Armstrong

    Amy Boatman

    Keith Boone

    Garrett Bryl

    Katie Brooks

    Tanya Chernow

    Mike Claver

    Kristi Clifton

    Danny DeArman

    Nicole DiTommaso

    Jeremy Dooley

    Anais Gomez

    Nicole Hutchison

    Tommy Ludwig

    Bryan McKenzie

    Barbarita Mena

    Marshall Miller

    Brandon Neal

    Celeste Neal

    Mike Peacock

    Nicole Pilgrim

    Katie Reames

    Jane Seamster

    Mike Sinquefield

    Stephen Smoot

    Lori Steppick

    Camay Trammell

    Randy Watson

    Ryan Watson

    Tammy Watts

    Advisory Members: Non-Voting Members that attended to answer questions

    Fran Marek

    Corey Hickerson

    Jo Lynn Augsburger

    Rebecca Metzger

    Holly Stambaugh

    Zo Hassanali

    Blake Bowman

    Gene Loflin

    Myra Pruitt

    Natalie Stuckey

    Lowell Taylor

    Lesley Weaver

    Sub-Committee Chairs: Non-Voting Members that provided information 

    Brooklyn Shafer

    Angie Padgett

    Favi Arevalo

    Michelle Snell

    Julie Hampton

    Chad Tate

    Corey Hickerson