• Grading Procedures:

    Failing Grades: (Summative Examinations only)

    • Students will be given a reasonable opportunity to redo examinations in which a grade is below 70. 
      • Students or parents must request the opportunity to redo an examination within two workdays of receipt of the failing grade, except under extenuating circumstance determined by the principal.  
      • It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements for the retest.  
      • No retests are available for semester exams or for students who received a “0” for cheating.
      • The student will receive the higher of the two grades not to exceed a 70.  
      • A student may not be retested more than one time for any given original summative examination. 

    Late Work:

    Teachers may assign a late penalty to any assignment turned in after the due date in accordance with previously established guidelines approved by the principal and disseminated to students.  (Policy EIAB local)

    • Late work will be accepted; however, assignments may be subject to points being deducted.  
    • All assignments must be completed within the six weeks grading period.
    • A penalty for late work may be assessed according to the following guidelines.

    Kindergarten – Eighth Grade:

      • A penalty of 10 points per day.