• New Horizon High School
    Kenneth Bodine, Principal
    603 Plum Street
    Joshua, Texas 76058
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    FAX: 817-202-8948
    Dear Students and Parents,

    Welcome to the New Horizon High School web site. You will find information about NHHS activities, students, and staff. Please feel free to visit our page often to learn of upcoming events.


    New Horizon High School is a high school whose purpose is to help students earn a high school diploma who otherwise may not complete their education. The staff works to improve attendance and learning of every student at NHHS. Teachers make contact with parents and guardians each day a student is absent from school and try to encourage prompt and consistent class attendance. Individualized goals are set with students to help them attain a high school diploma, or in some instances, a GED.  Unless other arrangements have been made, a minimum of 4 credits PER SEMESTER will be required to maintain a place at NHHS.


    Students must make application and go through an interview process to gain admission to NHHS. During the interview the staff explains the guidelines of the school  to determine best fit for the student. Parents and guardians are involved in the interview process so that the entire family understands the importance of supporting their student and what the requirements are to be successful in this non-traditional setting.


    Students at NHHS must attend class at least 5 periods each day and those 16 years or older are encouraged to obtain a job to learn professional skills in the workplace setting. In addition to earning credits and learning work skills, students are required to obtain CPR certification, and perform voluntary service hours through donating time at an organization of their choice. The staff at NHHS believes these co-curricular activities help develop a well-rounded individual willing and able to become responsible citizens in the community.


    Kenneth Bodine, Principal