• Students can access the online curriculum used in my classes on Google Classroom. All of these lessons can be accessed from any computer or smartphone that has internet capabilities with the students login information.


    Livestock Production Curriculum

     The following is a list of lessons that we will cover in our Livestock Production classes. Note - students will be exposed to live animals throughout the year. 


    1st 6 Weeks
    Classroom Procedures
    Grading Procedures
    iCEV Procedures
    Google Classroom Instructions
    The Livestock Industry
    Animal Identification Systems
    External Anatomy of Livestock: Terms & Terminology

    2nd 6 Weeks
    Livestock Judging Fundamentals
    Harvesting of Livestock
    Livestock Breed Identification: Cattle
    Beef Slaughter & Dressing
    EXCEL Beef Plant: Fabrication
    Livestock Judging: Breeding Heifer Evaluation
    Introduction to Livestock Judging & Grading Market Steers Criteria & Evaluation
    Livestock Grading: Slaughter Cattle
    Meat Mythcrushers: Beef production and eating beef have a negative impact on the environment
    Meat Mythcrushers: Animal agriculture is the biggest contributor to antibiotic resistance

    3rd 6 Weeks
    Livestock Breed Identification: Swine
    Livestock Judging: Market Hog Evaluation
    Livestock Judging: Breeding Gilt Evaluation
    EXCEL Pork Plant: Slaughter
    EXCEL Pork Plant: Fabrication
    Hot Topic: Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus
    Meat Mythcrushers: The type of housing pigs are raised in is a primary determinant to welfare

    4th 6 Weeks
    Sheep Management Practices
    Livestock Breed Identification: Sheep
    Livestock Judging: Breeding Sheep Evaluation
    Livestock Judging: Market Lamb Evaluation
    Lamb Slaughter & Dressing
    Goat Management Practices
    Livestock Breed Identification: Goats
    Dairy Management Practices
    Cattle Breed ID: Dairy
    Emerging Technology: NIR Technology – To improve feed efficiency for dairy cattle
    Field Trip: Thoroughbred Farm
    Livestock Breed ID: Poultry

    5th 6 Weeks
    Livestock Reproduction
    Introduction to Biotechnology
    Biotechnology: Fetal Programming
    Emerging Technologies: Muscle Growth Promotants
    Circulatory & Respiratory Systems
    Endocrine, Immune, and Integumentary Systems
    Nervous, Skeletal, and Muscular Systems

    6th 6 Weeks
    Basic Livestock Nutrition
    Digestive Systems of Livestock: A basic look
    Ruminant Digestive Systems: A closer look
    Packer to Consumer
    Meat Mythcrushers: Antibiotic & Hormone Use in livestock production is increasing
    The Cheeseburger
    Global Agriculture: Global Education
    Agricultural Markets: Commodities & Contracts
    A Job Defined: Livestock Sustainability Consultant
    NCLCA Principles of Livestock Selection & Evaluation Review.