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    Advanced Animal Science Curriculum

     The following is a list of lessons that we will cover in Advanced Animal Science. We will also have corresponding labs with several of the lessons below. Note - students will be around live animals on a regular basis. 


     1st 6 Weeks


    Classroom Procedures

    Grading Procedures

    iCEV Procedures

    Google Classroom Instructions

    Vet Medical Terms and Terminology

    The Livestock Industry

    Basic Animal Science

    Scientific Procedures & Safety

    Animal Systems

    External Anatomy of Livestock: Terms & Terminology

    2nd 6 Weeks

    Beef Cattle Management Practices

    Swine Management Practices

    Sheep Management Practices

    3rd 6 Weeks

    Goat Management Practices

    Basic Livestock Surgical Procedures

    Injection Techniques

    Hot Topic - Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (Mad Cow Disease)

    Basic Reproduction of Animals

    Livestock Reproduction

    Livestock Breeding Systems

    Prenatal Animal Growth & Development

    Embryo Transfer

    Biotechnology: Fetal Programming

    Fundamental Animal Microgenetics

    4th 6 Weeks

    Animal ID Systems

    Farm to Plate

    Field Trip: U.S.. Meat Animal Research Center (Name of lesson only. Not a real field trip)

    Environmental Issues: Animal Systems

    5th 6 Weeks

    Harvesting of Livestock

    EXCEL Beef Plant: Slaughter

    EXCEL Pork Plant: Slaughter

    Livestock and Carcass Abnormalities

    Beef Carcass Fabrication

    6th 6 Weeks

    Food Packaging Options & Guidelines

    Skills for Real World Survival

    Elanco Fundamentals of Animal Science Certification Review