• Meal Pricing for JISD Students

    Re: Compliance with section 205 of the USDA Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010, referring to Paid meal equity pricing effective for school year 2017-2018.
    School districts across the nation, such as Joshua ISD, that have successfully offered quality meals at pricing below the nation's average, have been mandated to evaluate their lunch pricing structure each school year using criteria set forth by USDA to calculate the minimum price for a Full Paid Student lunch.  USDA has required Joshua ISD to increase the full pay student lunch price by a minimum of 10 cents for the 2017-2018 School year.  All student meals regardless of the eligibility status are subsidized by the USDA.  The Child Nutrition Department of JISD will continue to provide first quality products and meals which well exceed the minimum requirements set forth by the USDA.
    One free Bonus Meal will continue to be earned for every $50 deposit to a student's meal account.
    Free/Reduced pricing for all meals remains unchanged.
    2017-2018 Meal Pricing Full Pay
    Grades PK - 5th   $2.40
    Grades 6th-12th   $2.90
    Grades PK-12      $1.25
    Reduced Eligible Meal Pricing (Please Request a confidential Meal Benefit Application by calling 817-426-7500/ 1353)
    Grades PK-12      $0.40
    Grades PK-12      $0.30
    Meal Pricing for Adults (including children that are not yet JISD students)
    Since the expressed purpose of federal assistance is to safeguard the health and well-being of the nation’s students, meals served to adults or non students are not eligible for federal cash reimbursement— therefore, the reimbursements received for serving students must not be used to pay for adult or non student meals. 
    This is the reason for the higher price for the adult or non student customer.  The adult or non student customer is served the same portion sizes as our Grade 6-12 customers regardless of the campus visiting.  Iced Tea may be substituted for milk at no additional charge.