JISD Menus
March Menus
District Student Reimbursable Meal Prices

Breakfast-Student (All)

Lunch- Grades PK-6
Lunch- Grades 7-12
$0.30 Reduced
$0.40 Reduced
$0.40 Reduced


Adult & Other Non-Reimbursable Meal Prices

A la carte snack/drinks range $0.25 - $1.75


To help us serve our students faster!
Funds deposited into student meal accounts allow for faster service and accountability. Every student has a meal account based on their student ID #.  
One Extra Bonus Lunch will be earned every time $50.00 is deposited to your child's meal account.
For Online payments, see the Online Meal Pay link at the home page.  
Call the food service office to obtain your child's student ID # in order to set up an online meal pay account!
Cash Purchases 

The basic formula requires that five meal components are offered — milk, fruit, vegetable, meat (or an approved meat alternate like beans, yogurt or cheese), and grain (whole grain rich). For a meal to be reimbursable, students must choose three whole portions of the five, with at least one choice being a fruit or vegetable. Our menus ensure that these components meet age-specific caloric minimums and maximums over the course of a week.

Any menu choices outside of the above parameters must be priced at the A La Cart Price.  If your child prefers to bring a lunch item from home, he/she may supplement this lunch from home by making at least 3 menu selections from our serving line at the Free or Reduced ($0.40) price!  For example:  If your child does not like the entree on the menu on any given day, he/she may bring an entree from home and choose Milk, Fruit & Vegetables, etc. (at least three items) for the Free or reduced price of just $0.40!  
 The basic formula requires that four components are offered - Milk, Fruit, Juice (or combination) and two servings of whole grains or a combination of 1 serving of whole grain and meat combination.  Three of these items must be selected to avoid a la carte pricing. 
If for any reason your child is not satisfied with a lunch item chosen, they should bring that item back to the cashier to exchange for a different menu item. 
For questions or menu & recipe suggestions please call the Director of Child Nutrition at 817-426-7636 !


Meal Debit Account Purchases

Please allow our cashier to deposit your change to your meal debit account, to be used any day/any cafeteria line. Change may only be  made by the cashier for bills in the amount of $10.00 or less.