JISD Menus
District Student Reimbursable Meal Prices

Breakfast-Student (All)

Lunch- Grades PK-6
Lunch- Grades 7-12
$0.30 Reduced
$0.40 Reduced
$0.40 Reduced

Adult & Other Non-Reimbursable Meal Prices

A la carte snack/drinks range $0.25 - $1.75

To help us serve you faster!!!

Meal Debit Account Purchases

Using your Meal Debit Account allows faster service and accountability. Any bill denominations or check amounts may be deposited to your meal account for use any day/at any cafeteria line. One Extra Bonus Lunch will be earned every time $50.00 is deposited to your account. For Online payments, see the Nutrikids Meal Pay link at the home page.
Cash Purchases 

Please allow our cashier to deposit your change to your meal debit account, to be used any day/any cafeteria line. Change may only be  made by the cashier for bills in the amount of $10.00 or less.