About JISD
Joshua Independent School District, which was established in 1902, encompasses 76 square miles in the Burleson, Crowley, Joshua, Egan and Cleburne communities of Johnson County. The district is accredited by the Texas Education Agency and is a TEA Recognized District. Serving a population of approximately 15,000, Joshua strives to provide a variety of quality educational opportunities in an outstanding instructional program for pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade.
 Vision Statement: Joshua ISD will be a highly acclaimed model of educational excellence.
 Mission Statement: Joshua ISD develops productive citizens of exceptional character who are life-long learners.

 District Motto: "Excellence...For All...From All"
 Core Values

1.     Joshua ISD provides a safe and orderly environment.

2.     Joshua ISD students set goals and achieve high levels of success.

3.     Joshua ISD effectively and efficiently manages resources to promote student success.

4.     Joshua ISD is a source of pride and unity for students, staff, parents and community.
 Campus Ratings
  • Caddo Grove Elementary - Recognized
  • Elder Elementary - Recognized
  • North Joshua Elementary - Exemplary
  • Plum Creek Elementary - Recognized
  • Staples Elementary - Recognized
  • Loflin Middle School - Acceptable
  • Joshua Ninth Grade Campu - Acceptable
  • New Horizons High School -  Acceptable
  • Joshua High School - Recognized

 District Programs
  • Instructional Programs
    JISD instructional programs are designed to meet individual needs and maximize student success. The JISD grade alignment includes five elementary campuses with grades PK-6; one middle school with grades 7-8; and two high schools with grades 9-12. Curricular offerings include remedial, regular, advanced, and honors courses. Programs for special populations include At-Risk, Drug-Free, Title 1, English as a Second Language, Bi-Lingual Education, Gifted and Talented, Special Education, and Career and Technology Education (CATE).
  • Career and Technology(CATE)
    Through career and technology education, students learn and apply academic and specific job skills required for entry level, mid-management, and entrepreneurial positions. Agricultural Science, Technology Applications, Family Consumer Sciences, Business Computer Information Systems, Keyboarding, Diversified Career Preparation and Construction Trades, Microcomputer and Marketing Applications, and Cosmetology are available at JHS.
  • Special Education
    JISD is proud of its special education program. Students range in age from 3 through 21 years and must meet eligibility criteria for one or more handicapping conditions. Each student with a disability receives instructional and related services appropriate to the unique educational needs of the student. These services are delivered in accordance with the student's individualized educational plan (IEP), developed jointly by teachers, administrators, appraisal personnel and the child's parents.
  • Extracurricular Programs
    Music (Grades 1 - 12)
    Joshua ISD offers a music curriculum that includes general music, vocal music, and instrumental music. Music in grades 1-5 focuses on general music including singing, playing of instruments, recorders, and the basics of music notation. Initial band instruction begins at grade 6 at all elementary campuses. Grades 7-12 focus on music as a performance art. Choral music as well as Concert and Marching Bands (Spirit of Joshua) are also available for interested students beginning in grade 7.
  • Athletics
    The athletic program offers a wide range of activities designed to develop the total student academically, emotionally, physically and socially while developing exemplary personal habits. Involvement in various school functions is encouraged to assist the development of character and leadership skills. Team and individual sports are offered. They are baseball, football, basketball, cross-country, volleyball, track, tennis, golf, power lifting, soccer, and softball. A new indoor all purpose training facility (MPAC Center), built by the JISD construction staff, is now available for use by various curricular and extra curricular programs.
  • Clubs/Organizations
    A wide variety of clubs and organizations are available at the various campuses, including but not limited to social and civic organizations such as Student Council, language clubs, NHS, Teen Leadership, and Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. (NJROTC) Community service, character development and teen leadership are uniform goals throughout all the JISD clubs and organizations.
  • Guidance & Counseling
    The guidance and counseling program provides the means of helping individual students maximize the educational, technical vocational, and personal opportunities they have and can develop. The program offers systematic assistance to aid all students in achieving satisfactory adjustment to school and to life. School counselors are provided at all district campuses.
  • Child Nutrition
    The JISD Child Nutrition Department is a non-profit enterprise, employing over 60 food service professionals and serving over 650,000 meals per year. (10,833 meals per employee) Breakfast and lunch are served at all campuses. "After School Snack" is available at The Homework Haven and Staples Elementary After School Latch-Key Program. Meals may be purchased with cash daily or through the district "prepay" system, earning 1 free lunch for every single $50.00 customer prepayment. Meal assistance may be obtained through a confidential National School Lunch Program. For more information, please contact the Office of Child Nutrition, 817-426-7500 or 817-202-2500, Option 6.
  • Transportation Services
    The JISD contracts with Durham Transportation to operate a fleet of 37 buses, which make 66 regularly, scheduled runs per day, traveling more than 421,600 miles annually. Transportation service is provided to more than 3,290 students daily and approximately 592,200 students annually. Elementary and secondary students are transported via separate routes.
  • Facilities Construction
    The JISD maintains its own construction department, staffed by highly trained and skilled construction professionals. This department is made up of carpenters, electricians, metal workers, painters and members of various other trades and vocations. Thousands of district and taxpayer dollars have been saved by constructing all of the new facilities that were approved in the most recent bond issue with the JISD Construction Department. This department also provides support for maintenance and custodial needs. The construction department continues to save the JISD money by reducing our dependency upon more expensive outside contracted services.