Joshua ISD Gifted & Talented Program

The Gifted and Talented program is provided for students from kindergarten through twelfth grade who excel in a specific academic field (language arts and social studies, math and science, and/or creative and productive thinking). In order to prepare students for real world experiences and to promote achievement and self-esteem, gifted students at the elementary level are placed in heterogeneous classroom settings and provided with opportunities to work in homogeneous arrangements with other gifted students. At the secondary level, students have an option to take Honors, Pre-Advanced Placement and Advanced Placement courses to count for their Gifted and Talented participation.

The program is designed to develop and expand problem-solving and critical thinking skills, provide creative outlets for expression, and excite curiosity in the quest for knowledge while stimulating a life long desire for learning. A differentiated curriculum inclusive of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills allows for a variety of learning opportunities leading toward the development of advanced level products and performances.

Students may be nominated at any time by staff, parents, self, or others. All nominated students will be assessed after receipt of parent permission. Testing may be completed in small group or individual settings at the discretion of the staff. Final selection is determined by a committee of three educators trained in gifted education. Students must re-qualify at the end of the sixth grade. Students are expected to maintain grades of 85 or better in the areas of qualification in order to remain in the program.

Identified gifted students transferring into the district who have records of comparable testing may be eligible for provisional placement in the program. A selection committee will review the results and observe the student's performance prior to continued placement or recommended exit from the program.

Parents or students may appeal any final decision of the selection committee regarding selection for, or removal, from the program. Appeals are first made to the campus selection committee. Subsequent appeals are made to the Director of Curriculum & Instruction at JISD Central Office.