• Business Office

    The Business Office is responsible for financial accounting for all school district funds, compliance with federal programs and grants, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and investments.
    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Joshua ISD Business Office is to ensure that the district’s financial resources are effectively and efficiently managed to provide the necessary resources to achieve the instructional goals and objectives of the district.


    Department Goals



    Review deposits to ensure they are made timely to reduce the risk of theft and to safeguard the district’s resources.




    90 to 100% of campus budgets are expended each year to ensure that the district’s resources are being used for the benefit of students.


    Effective and Efficient


    90 to 100% of purchase orders are approved before the purchase to ensure that approved vendors are being used and that the District is saving at least $40,000 annually through the bidding of products and services and the increased use of purchasing cooperatives.