(Use Times New Roman 12pt font)


Write a short paragraph including the name of the movie, the director, producer, the three top stars, and the year of release.  Also include when and where you watched the film and any special comments on its release.  For example; was it an abridged or colorized version, was it more than one part, was it part of a series, was it based on a novel, etc…If the movie began as a book tell the original title and author.



In no more than one good paragraph, relate the plot.  Of course, you will not be able to give all the details.  Just condense the main story line into 5-8 sentences. (Make sure you give enough information to convince me that you have seen the movie again recently for this assignment!)

PARAGRAPH THREE – THE REALITY   Were there any characters in the movie based on real people?  If so, who were they and were they treated with historical accuracy?  Were there any real events (battles, migrations, laws, etc.)?  If so, were they correct as to event, time period, etc.?  If there were no real characters or events in a historical movie, it was probably a conscious decision on the part of the writers and director.  Try to analyze why reality was omitted.  (HINT: It is very probably you will need to do serious research for this paragraph both to find out if people or things were real and if they were presented accurately.)  At the conclusion of this paper list the sources you used in MLA format.

PARAGRAPH FOUR – THE SETTING  When and where was the movie set?  If several locations were used, were they all depicted realistically?  (Were there forests, mountains, rivers, etc. where they should have been for the real setting?)  How long a time span did it cover?  Were the houses, furnishings, foods, tools, weapons, clothes, hairstyles, shoes, streets, etc, shown with accuracy?  Give some examples of period props you think were especially well or especially poorly presented.  Again, you will need to research.


Give an evaluation of the film.  Don’t just say, “I liked it because it was a good movie,” or “I hated it because it was boring.”  Like a real film critic, point out the strengths and weaknesses of the movie.  Which actors did a good job and which were inadequate?  Were there places where the plot was vague, too slow, or too fast?  Were there stereotyped roles or rounded characterizations?  Did the story build to a logical climax and resolve itself satisfactorily?  Did it hold the viewer’s interest uniformly?  Why?  If the film was done many years ago, would it be done differently now?  Why?  Did the film make the viewer more aware of history or just confuse the issue?  What would have made the film better?  Would you recommend this film to another student?  Why?