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Joshua High School
Principal:  Mick Cochran
Assistant Principals:  Jerry Coshow, Helen Hernandez, Stan McVey

UIL District Academic Meet



The UIL District Academic Meet was held March 26-27, 2015. As Runner-up Champions, Joshua students failed to win in their bid for Overall District Champs, as the new District 8-5A Champion of 2015 is Aledo High School. Joshua still had spectacular achievements during the meet. Joshua’s Speech and Debate team, Journalism team, Number Sense team and Spelling & Vocabulary team won top honors, and along with many successful individuals, will advance to Regional competition. First through third place individuals will advance to regional competition as well as first place teams. Accounting, as the highest ranking 2nd place team in the region, will advance as the Wild-card.



Please congratulate these students for placing and/or advancing to Regionals April 23-25.


Accounting 2nd place team

Dale Meador 1 place individual

Jess Elmore 3 pl. ind.

Kelsey Davis 6 pl. ind.

Jayden Leslie  


Susana Pimentel 1st place individual Computer Apps (not a team event)



Zach Hollis 5 pl. ind.


Number Sense 1st pl team

James Odoirne 1 pl. ind.

Dale Meador 4 pl. ind.

Aaron Campbell 5 pl. ind.

Desiree Kibbee


Ready Writing (not a team event)

Mia Cheatle 6 pl. ind.


Social Studies 2nd pl team

Lindsay Carr 4 pl. ind.

Bailey Jones 5 pl. ind.

Michael Harding

Juliana Wilwohl


Spelling & Voc. 1st pl team

Michael Bamberg 1 pl. ind.

Valerie Sollenberger 5 pl. ind.

Mia Cheatle

Felix Serna


Journalism 1st pl team



Margarita Castillo 2 pl. ind.

Kirsten Zachry 4 pl. ind.

Nicole Wester 5 pl. ind.



Adele Edwards 1 pl. ind.

Kirsten Zachry 2 pl. ind.

Mia Ybarra 6 pl. ind.



Adele Edwards 1 pl. ind.

Margarita Castillo 5 pl. ind.



Margarita Castillo 1 pl. ind.

Nicole Wester 5 pl. ind.


Speech 1st pl team


Informative Speaking

Andrew Marko 2 pl. ind.

Michael Bamberg 6 pl. ind.



Case Osborn 4 pl. ind.



Madeleina Gorman 3 pl. ind.

Julia Pennington 6 pl. ind.



Abigail Beam 2 pl. ind.


Lincoln Douglas (LD)

Lucero Sosa 4 pl. ind.


Lady Owls

The Joshua Lady Owl soccer team defeated Wichita Falls Rider 2(2)-2(1) (meaning a 2-2 tie through regulation and two overtimes; then we won the penalty shootout 2-1) Thursday night and secured the area championship.  As such, the Lady Owls will advance to the regional quarterfinal round of playoffs Tuesday, Apr. 7 against Grapevine, the district 6-5A champion.  Our ladies would love your support as they head to the regional quarterfinal round of playoffs. 


The details for our regional quarterfinal round game are as follows:


Joshua Women vs. Grapevine Women

Tuesday, Apr. 7 at 6:00 PM

Brewer Bear Stadium in Fort Worth


 Camp Perry
Camp Perry 
The Precision Rifle Team just returned from Camp Perry, Ohio.   The team finished 11th at the All Service Nationals, which on the surface, doesn’t sound very impressive.  However, there are over 3,500 Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force JROTC units nationwide, which range in size from 100 to 900 Cadets.  After three area, regional, and semi-final rounds, the top 17 precision teams advanced to Camp Perry for the shoot-off last week.  Out of 4,800 points that could potentially be earned over the two day match, the teams were so close that final results were determined by Center X’s… that is to say, not just hitting the bullseye, but how hard you hit it.  The bullseye is half the size of the head of a pin.  Two time Gold Medalist Gary Anderson was present at the event. 
Camp Perry


 Code Talkers
Navajo Code Talkers

Joshua Cadets traveled to JRB Fort Worth on March 20th and had the honor of meeting with WWII Marine Navajo Code Talkers.  These living legends, now in their 90’s, related remarkably well to the bright-eyed teenagers as they shared their incredible experiences.



Congratulations Devon and Erynn!


Congratulations to Senior Policy Debaters, Devon Heidenreich and Erynn Cole, who participated in UIL CX Debate State tournament in Austin this past weekend. These ladies did a fantastic job representing JHS!  They finished with 3 wins and only 1 loss.
If you see them, please remember to congratulate these very talented young women on their excellent performance!

 English Department Labs 

Every Monday, an English lab will be held in the English Hall after school from 4:05-4:45.

Look for the English Lab sign. All students are welcome! 



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    Prom ticket for sale. At this time the prices are $55 for Seniors and $80 For Juniors. These prices will be going up shortly, as it gets closer to “Prom Night”!! They need to see Mrs. Gschnell
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  • Seniors
    May 15 -- Friday 
    All senior breakfast posters due.
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  • May 31 -- Sunday
    Baccalaureate -- 2:00 p.m. @  North Pointe Church.
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    Senior and 13 year students photos -- 10:00 a.m.
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    Graduation practice -- 10:00 a.m.
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