Joshua High School Ninth Grade Campus

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UIL Academic Champions
'09, '10, '11, '12 & '13

Ninth Grade Campuss

Kenneth Bodine, Principal
Michelle Hard, Assistant Principal




Due to the recent circumstances of a manhunt in the immediate area, all Joshua ISD campuses are in a “soft lockdown”.  A “soft lockdown” means that students remain in the building all day and do not exit the building for any reasons except for dismissal.  Please understand that this is strictly for precautionary measures for the safety of our entire school district.

Fran Marek

Joshua ISD Superintendent

 Fall Semester Exam Schedule

Wednesday- 12/17

8:25-10:00               1st Period Exam

10:04-10:40             2nd Period

10:44-11:21             3rd Period

11:25-12:44             4th Period

11:25-11:55 A / 12:14-12:44 B

12:49-1:19               5th Period

1:23-1:53                 6th Period

1:57-2:26                 7th Period

2:30-4:00                 8th Period Exam

Thursday - 12/18

8:25-10:00               2nd Period Exam

10:04-10:30             3rd Period

10:34-11:21             Christmas Play

11:25-12:44             4th Period

11:25-11:55 A / 12:14-12:44 B

12:49-1:49               Mr. Christmas Tree Pageant/Assembly

1:53-2:54                 6th Period Exam

2:58-4:00                 7th Period Exam

Friday – 12/19

8:25-9:50                 3rd Period Exam

9:54-11:36               4th Period Exam

9:54-10:24   A / 11:06-11:36 B

11:40-1:00               5th Period Exam



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