Live Laugh Love 

Fourth Grade!


Name:  Victoria Leigh Bardwell

Email Address:

Phone Number: 817-202-2500 or 817-426-7500

Extension: 1761

Conference Time:  10:30-11:20


Welcome to Fourth Grade!! Lets Learn!!!

Fourth grade- get ready! We are going to have a very fun and exciting year. My goal as a teacher is to lead, teach, love and inspire my students. My classroom has a clean and happy atmosphere helping your child feel safe at school.

Parents, Thank you for allowing me to teach your kiddos. I am blessed to be here at North Joshua and teaching such a sweet group of students.

With your support we are going to make this year a year to remember! Please feel free to call or email me anytime that you are concerned or have questions.

Through the year I am excited to get to know your child and you better!

Our Class Mission Statement: Our Mission is to continue to be great students by working hard and becoming amazing readers and writers.  We will come into class everyday ready to learn and willing to work together as a team.  By staying positive, we will be ready for any and all obstacles. 

Goals:  100% of students will have a successful  year!! 

Class Rules

1. Listen while others are speaking

2. Respect yourself and others

3. Follow directions both written and oral